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Beyond the Farthest Plane - ​最遠平面の向こうへ

This exhibition is the collection of artworks by a group of five artists, inspired by reading and discussing Jakob von Uexküll and Georg Kriszat's text, "Streifzüge durch die Umwelten von Tieren und Menschen: Ein Bilderbuch unsichtbarer Welten". ('A foray into the worlds of animals and humans ; with, A theory of meaning.')


These artworks were the individual creations of the artists, and were based on their personal interpretations of von Uexküll's work. The presented collection is enriched with writings and sketches showing the development of the artworks and the artistic process involved in creating each of them.

Exhibition Information

Date: 14th March - 19th April 2015
Location: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Akibatamabi 21


Artists: Iyamari, Natsuko Iwasaki, Hanna Saito,

             Jiro Nagase, Sakura Alice Motomura

Curated and organised by: Iyamari

Exhibition website:

Gallery website:


Sat. 14 March, exhibition opening - Artist talk,  Opening reception

Sat. 28 March, Talk session with Associate Professor Fuminori Akiba from Nagoya University (Expert in Aesthetics)

Sat.   4 April, Talk session with Associate Professor Toru Moriyama from Shinsyu University (Expert in Animal psychology)

Sat. 18 April, Closing party

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