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Telescore Theatre Show 2018 UK - JAPAN

 Telescore Project collaboration one night only theatre show, UK premiere


Sights and sounds from nature.

"Telescore Project" film screening and theatrical performance - UK & world premiere.

(The programme of this show has been specially curated for this one time only event.)


"Telescore Project" is a world-wide collaborative art project started in the spring of 2016 by Japanese contemporary artist Iyamari. Its main objective is to document and show the similarities of existence of humans and trees everywhere on the planet, by bringing together performers from all corners of the world to represent their culture and tree significant to their native land, and presenting the viewers with a collection of performance events showing the similarities and uniqueness of each area.

For the first time in the UK and Europe, Iyamari brings the performance aspect of her 'Telescore Project' to the audience in Great Britain's capital. Come and experience the interspecies interactions of humans and trees through nature in this one and a half hour long performance!

From the artist's words: "Trees and humans have been sharing the environment for a long time. There are symbolic trees in almost every area in every land, additionally there are particular cultural traditions which have flourished around the use of these trees. This shows us how human cultures are affected by land and environment. Our project tries to bring them together and present the ‘relationship of the tree and human' through performance, music and art videos."

The event, preceded by the first Telescore video production, is split into four parts: Japanese Cedar, Welsh Sessile Oak, English Yew, Scottish Scots Pine. The performers featured in the performance are of the cultural background related to the tree's area of origin. 

The opening film, “Telescore Japan - Sakura”, and the four performers' dance acts are each scored with a soundtrack created using the respective area's theme tree. The performances draw inspiration from the soundtrack, local culture, and the tree itself.


Date & Time: Saturday 22nd September 2018
Door open: 7:00 pm / 
Show start: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Place: John Lyons Theatre in City lit

Address: 1-10 Keeley Street, Holborn, London WC2B 4BA


Ticket: £12 + booking fee (including pamphlet) 


Opening: "Telescore Japan - Sakura” film screening


Main Performance:

Japanese cedar by Norihito Ishii from Sankaijyuku Butoh dance company

Welsh sessile oak by Marie-Gabrielle Rotie

English yew by Joel Benjamin O'Donoghue

Scottish scots pine by Taylor Han

sponsored by: Easy Embedded Solutions LTD., Kaneka Kitagawa Tea Company LTD.

Cooperation with: Butoh.UK, Norihito Ishii Office

Telling Tree Services, Atheston Firwood, Brett Bain Tree Services, Tanglewood Tree Services

Performer Plofiles

Dancer: Norihito Ishii


Norihito Ishii has been performing solo and has been active in the performing arts community since 2007. His work aims to influence the state of mind of the audience, with the concept of otherworldly and universal beauty that our bodies possess, and asking the truth of our society. Since 2010 he has been a dancer of Sankaijuku, a well-known Butoh company based in the Paris City Theatre, performing in more than 700 cities in 45 countries. (What is worth mentioning, Paris City Theatre hosts the so-called contemporary dance hall of fame.) In addition to the solo performances he has been performing in over 70 cities throughout 23 countries in total. Notable achievements: Seoul International Choreography Festival 2013 Jury Prize, Seoul International Choreography Festival 2015 SCF Award. (

©︎ Michel Jones

Dancer: Marie-Gabrielle Rotie


Marie-Gabrielle Rotie is an artist working with the body through the mediums of movement, choreography and visual arts.  She has studied Butoh since 1992, her main collaborations being with Ko Murobushi, Atsushi Takenouchi and Tetsuro Fukuhara. She is a permanent  lecturer in Contemporary Theatre at Goldsmiths University of London. Her works have toured internationally and received funding from ACE and BC. She is featured in publications by Fraleigh and a forthcoming journal article about her work features in The Oxford Handbook of Improvisation. She has created over 40 works for stage and screen, for venues such as the Royal National Theatre, Royal Opera House, The Place Theatre and Trinity Laban. (

©︎ Alex Trelyan 

Dancer: Joel O’Donoghue


Joel has worked with companies and individuals such as Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal, Luca Silvistrini’s Protein, and Hagit Yakira Dance. He has also studied under capoeira master Ponciano Almeida. These different experiences have influenced his practice as a performer and choreographer. His movement style stems from release technique and improvisation fused with aspects of capoeira, flying low, and physical theatre. Joel graduated from Laban in 2012 with a first class hons degree in Dance Performance, and was awarded a distinction in Performance Design and Practice diploma at Central Saint Martins, UAL, in 2016. (

Dancer: Taylor Han

Headshot Taylor Han.JPG

Taylor recently graduated Laban with a First Class Honours Degree, during her time training she had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Heidi Rustgaard and Rahel Vonmoos. Over this period she developed a love for contact improvisation, and physical theatre. Taylor was also a company member with the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland throughout her training and with them she toured the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and India with work by Yael Flexer of Flexer and Sandiland, Anna Kenrick, and Dam Van Huyn. Since graduating in July 2018, Taylor has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Camden Fringe with movement girl band The Yonis, and starred in a music video by Seafret for their new single Monsters.

©︎ Emma Holt 

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