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Iyamari is a Japanese contemporary artist with a thriving career going back as far as 2008. 

While possessing a background in traditional handcrafts and Japanese painting techniques, Iyamari uses these skills in a new and experimental, more expressive manner.  The artist empathised with Jakob von Uexküll and incorporated his basic ideas into their own thoughts and creation. 

Iyamari’s main artwork themes are 'Time and Perception', with focus on creating a discernible model of “a moment", to try to point out, and reach beyond, the boundaries of the limited human cognisance, expanding and complementing it. 

The artistic expression of Iyamari spans a variety of media, including multimedia presentations. Notably, Iyamari is the founder and director of the Telescore Project, which brings together artists and performers from diverse disciplines, including dance, music, and even software programming.


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2023 Solo Exhibition in Kyoto (京都)

Date: 31st January - 5th February  2023
Opening time: 12:00 - 19:00

​Place: ギャラリー ( Gallery Yougen )

Address: 605-0825 京都府京都市東山区下河原町489 - 2, 2

The Gallery Yugen located inside of the 90-year-old warehouse built in the Taisho era.

2023 Collaborative Exhibition in Tokyo (東京)

Collaborate with a natural soil painter Hirohumi Iyama (井山 紘文)

Date: 9th - 12th February  2023
Opening time: 11:00 - 19:00

​Place: 荻窪ギャラリー  ( Ogikubo Gallery )  

Address: 167-0032 東京都杉並区天沼 2 - 5 - 8

" Window Reflections of My Mind "

" Footsteps on the Earth "



Solo Exhibitions

Theatre Show

/participated as a director


Telescore Theatre Show 2018 UK - JAPAN
John Lyon's Theatre in City lit

2018 / London, UK

Curated Exhibitions

/participated as a curator and an artist

Group Exhibitions





Other works


Telescore Project

Started in the Spring of 2016, Telescore Project is a world-wide collaborative art project, which takes Iyamari’s artistic interest in time and perception into a different direction. In this project, Iyamari tries to use materials that cannot exist without time itself.

It aims to familiarise the viewers with the cross-species interaction and coexistence of trees and humans. Specific trees, and their area of origin, are presented in short films inspired by the local area's culture. 

The films use a soundtrack created by digitally processing hand printed cross sections of trees, and transforming them into  unique musical scores, which serves as a tonal rendition of the tree’s unique life memories and environmental circumstances. 

The soundtrack is incorporated into the project work for the performance artists to interpret the music, along with  the tree's significance to the given area, into a dance or performance. 


Trees and humans have been sharing the environment for a long time. There are trees with symbolic meanings in almost every area in every country. Additionally, there are particular cultural traditions which have flourished around the use of these trees. This shows us how human cultures are affected by land and the environment. This project tries to bring them together and present the ‘universal  relationship of the tree and human'. 

Reading musical note from tree bark print.

Photo from movie "Japan-Sakura", 2016



Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to feature Iyamari's artwork in your exhibition, project or would like to collaborate with her.

The Telescore Project is looking for individuals who are interested in working collaboratively, especially dancers, actors, instrument players, photographers and film cameramen, to work with on our new film and music projects. Please get in touch if you fit the above-listed criteria.

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