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project no. 01

Japan - Sakura  (Japanese Cherry blossom)

'Japan - Sakura' is the first video artwork by Telescore Project in collaboration with a Butoh (*) dancer, Mr Norihito Ishii, from internationally renowned Sankaijyuku-Butoh dance group.

Sakura tree took Japanese people’s heart in 8th century and remained there for the centuries to come, including present day, because its image is closely aligned with Japanese aesthetics, which state that every thing should end gracefully, with no regret or struggles. One of the legends (**) has it that the name ‘Sakura’ was created from combination of words ‘Sa - god of rice field/spirits of the harvest’ and ‘Kura - place of god’. We selected Ryosenpoh for musical mode to create a song from ‘Sakura’ tree prints, because of its use for the music performed at rituals to honour the gods.

The artwork shows us the relationship of the tree and human in Japan. The art film celebrates  Sakura (Japanese cherry) tree, in a dance interpretation by Mr Ishii, who took the inspiration for his dance from the accompanying music created from converting the Sakura tree prints into sound and his impression of the tree.

(*) Butoh dance (舞踏・暗黒舞踏)  isne of main concepts of Butoh dance is recurring to traditional arts and nativeness and their dance following traditional styles like Noh, Kagura dance.

(**)There are few different theories about the name ‘Sakura’ but this is the most famous one.

Movie Staff

Director / iyamari

Dancer / Norihito Ishii

Technical Engineer / Sheep

Camera Department / Karin

Special Thanks / Brian Quach

                              Orie Kudhihara

Project Information

Sound from / Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom)

Musical mode and scale / Ryosenpoh (shichisei ryosen)

Performance / Butoh dance

Cooperation with /  DEVIATE.CO

Exhibition / "Telescore Project Opening Exhibition"


6th - 12th, October, 2016

Shibuya Hikarie /8, showcase aiiima


project no. 02

Great Britain - Yew  (European Yew)

We are now working on our second film "Great Britain - Yew" for England area of Great Britain island.

Yew tree is the oldest living thing in the island. Some of them are over 2000 years old and surprisingly they are standing on very chalky soil. Their growing style do not need to strike their roots deep in soil that is why they can stand these environmental situation. (Oaks can not stand these situation for a long time. ) Their branches growing down in to soil and bounding up to  grow. It create enough space around them to grow up.


Yew tree is known as toxic tree, and also very famous material for making long bow. English Long bow 


We also plan to make more two different movies from 'Scots Pine' and 'Sessile Oak' for Scotland and Wales area versions of "Telescore Project - Great Britain" focusing on the tree representative of each of the regions.

Project Information

Local area / Great Britain  (England area) 

Sound from / Yew (European Yew)

Musical mode and scale / 

Performance / 

Cooperation with /  

Place: Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve

Photo by: Iyamari

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